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Jane Hutchinson (jphutchinson@talktalk.net)
Date:04/03/2008 11:24:58
Subject:Welcome to the Friends of Windovers Forum

If you have any comments about my book or you have any information about the Windovers family or any of their businesses then please leave a message here.

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Mike Robinson (mrobinson@originalend.net)
Date:04/03/2008 12:28:28
Subject:Robinson's Coaches

I believe that Robinson's the coach firm based in Preston may have had some Windovers coaches in their fleet back in the 1950s. I will see if any members of my family have any pictures that might confirm this.

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Anthony Garratt (a40376246@blueyonder.co.uk)
Date:02/04/2008 18:54:25
Subject:Excellent Book !

Congratulations on an excellent production. Well researched %26 presented - a great selection of old %26 new photographs as well as interesting reproductions of early adverts etc. A really fascinating read %26 a quality addition to my collection.

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Danny Widmann (u00ddw7@yahoo.com)
Date:08/04/2009 11:39:37
Subject:1934 Rolls Royce, Chassis No 40SK, Windovers Saloon

Own above car originally built for W. L. Windover, is he family related and if so how related?

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Charles Crail (Charlescrail@mac.com)
Date:23/10/2009 03:32:45
Subject:81JS McAlpine coupe:

I'm trying to find old photos of this car. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Charles

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